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Our New Products
EdenPURE 360 Super Climater
360 Super Climater®
• Cools 200% better than a ceiling fan
• Compact and portable, even us it outside
• Only costs $10.48 a month in electricity
• 360º heating and cooling for all-season comfort
EdenPURE OxiLeaf
• Rapidly oxidizes odors for fresher, more purified air
• Uses ozone technology to destroy up to 99.9% of air pollutants
• Portable and compact plug-in design
• Helps to fight allergies and other respiratory conditions
EdenPURE SuperBuddy
• PTC infrared heat so there is no bulbs to burn out.
• Completely safe around children & pets.
• Is a heater & fan so you can use it year round.
• Completely portable. You can take it with you anywhere.
Classic Heater
• Copper Helix commercial quartz tubes produce a healthy far infrared heat like an infrared sauna
• Increases heating efficiency with less electricity
• Great for small to large-sized rooms
• Safe around children & pets
EdenPURE EcoWasher Pro
• Kills bacteria and germs on laundry
• Uses oxi-technology to clean and sanitize your laundry with ozone
• Easy installation
• Keeps fabric colors bright and vibrant
EdenPURE Airdog
• Cleans 300 sq. ft. room in 20 minutes
• Kills & removes 99.9% of bacteria and other harmful elements
• No filters to replace, nor any dangerous air byproducts
• 360 degree air flow circulation
EdenPURE 360 Air Fan
360 Air Fan
• Uses 98.18% less energy than an air conditioner
• Whisper quiet operation
• Moves 7 times more air than ordinary fans for faster cooling
• Bladeless fan technology cools your whole room while keeping your family safe from dangerous spinning blades
Customer Testimonials

"We live in an area which is known for very cold winters. Our facility is nearly 7000 square feet in area. When we began to utilize the first unit we were amazed to see how even the heat was for the entire living room area. We ordered a second and a third unit which now warms the entire home. Much to our surprise we are saving over $250 a month and had the lowest expense for heating we have ever experienced here. I would heartily recommend your products to anybody who is interested in really nice, even heat in their home and also interested in saving on their utility expenses." 

Dennis Crystal,
Troy, MT (Retired Airline Pilot)

“I’m a fire fighter, and I’ve been to fires that were caused by space heaters, and I know that they can cause a lot of damage and cause burns to especially children that get close to them. You know from wood stoves or any of these furnaces that run hot, and children get close to them and end up getting burned or they put things closer to them and cause fire in that way. So this is the reason why I considered the EdenPURE and why I trust my children around it. They go around it and you have no problems.”

John Noonan,
(Fire Fighter)

Actually, I bought my first two EdenPURE heaters because I was looking for a way to save my father and his sister, my aunt, money because they heat with oil. And as you well know, oil prices are going through the roof. But getting the EdenPURE it saved well over $100 a month on oil even though the electric bill went up $60, it still saved me over $100. Anywhere from $410 to probably $135 a month on oil. The fact that this heater since we’ve gotten it, there is no cold spots, hot spots in this house. Thomas Silvia, Fall River, MA

Thomas Silvia,
Fall River, MA

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