EdenPURE® brings you the latest technology in home comfort
EdenPURE 360 Super Climater
The new 2018 EdenPURE® 360 Super Climater® Model 200 will slash your cooling and heating bills every month. It is portable and light so you can take it anywhere in your home including outside on warm days to keep you cool and comfortable
EdenPURE OxiLeaf
Create a cleaner home environment for you and your family with the EdenPURE® OxiLeaf™. It’s compact, yet powerful enough to purify and oxidize the air and surfaces in your home. It works to quickly neutralize the worst odors.
EdenPURE SuperBuddy
The EdenPURE® GEN32 SuperBuddy™ infrared heater is powerful. Yet it is so small that you can hold it in one hand. You can take it with you anywhere to keep you warm. It has solid state, PTC infrared heat with no bulbs to burn out. It is durable and safe.
The EdenPURE® Classic Plus with our advanced new technology, the Copper Helix "Far" Infrared commercial quartz tubes. They act like a battery with the  copper helix wrap capturing and storing heat from the Infrared puting "more" heat into your room. 
EdenPURE EcoWasher Pro
The EdenPURE® EcoWasher® cleans and sanitizes your clothes, linens and towels the way nature does -- by generating ozone, a super form of oxygen, is produced in nature. It’s also generated by the EcoWasher®, working hard to dissolve and lift dirt out of your laundry.
EdenPURE Airdog
The AirDog™ is the best portable home air purifier unit in the world. With its 5 stages of air purification and smart control operation the EdenPURE® AirDog™ wipes out the competition. It also thoroughly wipes out dust, smoke, dander, bacteria, pollen, viruses, odors, germs and more from your air.
EdenPURE 360 Air Fan
The EdenPURE® 360 Air Fan uses 360 Degree circulation technology to move air at an astonishing 32.8 feet of airflow distance. That means it rapidly circulates the air in an entire room in just minutes and creates a constant cooling sensation without the need for expensive air conditioning.
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