EdenPURE EcoWasher for doing laundry without the use of detergent
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David -
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“One simple word: A.W.E.S.O.M.E one of the best solution to laundry. NatureWasher does exactly what they promise over. A very simple and easy installation oxygen infused laundry system. Completely as per the expectation and within a few minutes it comes with the unexpected result! A lovely fragrance and deeply stain cleaning without any toxic or harmful detergents. I can assure you NatureWasher is beyond top quality laundry system! Cannot thank them enough for helping me out with the best cleaning system.”
Dirty Secrets detergent companies don’t want you to know
     Did you know that the laundry detergents you are using may contain a potent, toxic cocktail of cancer-causing chemicals that the manufacturer is not required to list on the label? 
     Yes, it’s true. 
     Many of these hazardous chemical ingredients don’t have to be listed on the label! The problem is, not only are they potentially damaging to your health – but they’re also harming the environment by spewing out chemical contamination into our groundwater and waterways.
There are countless studies that document the hazards of common chemicals frequently used in laundry products. Here are just two of them.

One such chemical is 1.4-dioxane. The cumulative effects of 1.4-dioxane exposure, even at low levels, have resulted in laboratory animals developing cancer. The fact is, 1.4-dioxane is easily absorbed through the lungs, skin and gastrointestinal tract of mammals and it is also a major groundwater contaminant.

Unfortunately, 1.4-dioxane has become an increasing threat to waterways across the country. It has fouled water in Michigan and in several California towns, and it is likely to be present in many other places that do not test for it. When you use a laundry detergent containing 1.4-dioxane, it goes everywhere and it NEVER breaks down.

Another common contaminant, Nonylphenol Ethoxylates, or NPEs, can be found in laundry detergents. These chemicals are endocrine disruptors and estrogen mimickers, which can potentially cause hormonal problems or even cancer. When you absorb NPEs, your body just can’t tell the difference between NPEs and estrogen and this can affect your body chemistry.

Rainbow trout that are exposed to NPEs become part male and part female according to the Sierra Club, who recently petitioned the EPA to regulate NPEs. NPE pollution is likely to be at least partly responsible for a variety of odd gender-bending phenomena now being seen in aquatic species. And while the effects on humans as yet remain unknown, it is believed it could be creating hormone issues in people as well.

NPEs have been already banned in Canada and Europe because even the most sophisticated water treatment plants are unable to remove NPEs and their harmful by products. To make matters worse, according to the Sierra Club report, sewage processing can make NPE byproducts more toxic, more estrogenic and more persistent than NPEs themselves.

Laundry chemicals are also associated with other health issues such as: allergies, rashes, skin irritations, respiratory problems and eye irritation,…just to mention a few.  

So how do you know if your detergent contains 1.4-dioxine, NPEs or any other harmful chemicals? Hard telling because laundry product manufacturers are not required to list all ingredients on packaging.
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Detergent Hazards
Detergent Hazards
Laundry detergents do not always kill germs, viruses or bacteria in clothing. This is one of the main reasons hospitals went away from laundry detergents. Also, the harsh chemicals in laundry detergents can cause skin irritation and infections. Laundry detergents also put harmful pollutants into the air.
Make your life healthier
The NatureWasher™ has many benefits. You will use little or NO laundry detergent and NO softeners while killing 99.9% of mold and bacteria and reducing drain clogs, septic clogs, water pollution, color fading, stiffness, separating colors, air pollution, skin infection & chemical odors.
Be Smarter with your money and the environment
Your clothing will be soft, bright, odor free, and irritant free. Your towels and wash cloths will be fluffy and perform better. Your sheets and pillow cases will be smooth, odor free, and non-irritating. Plus, you will SAVE money on your grocery bills by cutting out the need to buy detergent and softener.
What is the EdenPURE® NatureWasher™?
A device that has been used by hospitals for over 15 years to wash clothes without laundry detergent is now available for homes.
The EdenPURE® NatureWasher™ cleans and sanitizes your clothes, linens and towels the way nature does it. It does it by generating ozone which is a super form of oxygen. Ozone is generated in nature by the Sun and thunderstorms. 

The ozone dissolves and lifts dirt out of clothes, linens and towels. It instantly kills bacteria and viruses. And when you flush it into the sewer system, it benefits the environment by putting healthy ions into the water.

With the EdenPURE® NatureWasher™, your clothes, linens and towels are now totally clean and sanitized. They contain no residue or germs. They will last 100% longer. Your clothes will be soft and fluffy. They will feel good when you rub them on your face. Your towels will be soft and fluffy and be double the thickness of detergent-washed towels. You will no longer have to sort clothes by color or use hot water.
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How Does EdenPURE®
NatureWasher™ Work?
1. Automatically infuses cold wash water with activated oxygen
The activated oxygen, or ozone, and PCO generator transforms cold water into a powerful oxygen wash know as nature's detergent.

2. Infuses Laundry Water
Oxygen is a natural purifier, breaking down oils and grime in fabrics. Ozone (nature's detergent) is diffused into the cold wash water.
3. Eliminates detergent chemicals and reduces infectious bacteria and mold
NatureWasher™ destroys infectious bacteria and reduces mold and fungus while keeping your family safe from the harmful effects of chemical detergents. The result is softer, odor-free, detergent free, super clean laundry.
Edenpure Ecowasher works by generating activated oxygen and infusing it into your laundry to kill germs on contact

How does a "clean" load of laundry still have this gunk?

The harmful effects of laundry detergent also cause you a great deal of little-known extra expense every year. Laundry detergent builds up in your washer behind the drum where you don’t see it. It builds up to an inch of slimy goo in many cases, which breeds germs and damages your washer. It greatly cuts the life of your washer. The laundry detergent residue builds up in clothes, linens and towels. It makes them stiff and it breaks down their fibers. This cuts the life of your clothes, linens and towels in half.

This water came from the washer AFTER the clothes were "cleaned".  -> -> -> ->
Nasty, gunk water left in your washer after doing a load of laundry
NatureWasher™ Skeptics Become Believers
Tackle Tough Stains
"We’ve been using NatureWasher for a few weeks and after a dozen loads can say it works well enough. We’ve used no detergent
and decided to skip fabric softener as well, in part to test the machine’s effectiveness. I sometimes miss the scent of softener, but our clothes
are coming out clean with nothing more than the neutral scent of wet fabric, which is gone after drying with the help of this oxygen infused
laundry system. There was one particularly soiled shirt that required a second wash with a stain stick, but it came clean."
- -Electric Café
A Very Happy Couple
“My wife and I were more than skeptical about buying the NatureWasher system which is one of the best oxygen infused laundry system. It was after all a lot of money for something we didn’t know anything about. But we decided to try it and it is the greatest thing since sliced bread! My wife was worried that it wouldn’t get any smells out of our clothes. She and her bionic nose were proven wrong. No smell in these clothes at all! What an amazing product"
- Rob
Perfect for athletic clothes
“Wow, Just installed and very happy. Simple to install, just two screws into the drywall (they even include a screwdriver and anchors). I have already used this oxygen infused laundry system about 10 times and put it through some big tests. My workout clothes never come clean and stink same after using detergent but after using NatureWasher our clothes are clean and pleasant. It also results in extra whitening of my white shirts without using bleach.”
- Annie
Laundry detergents do not kill bacteria or viruses on clothes as magnified by seen microscope below. EdenPure® NatureWasher™ does the job.
EdenPURE EcoWasher kills bacteria and viruses left on your clean laundry
Also use the special cleaning water on any indoor or outdoor household projects
 Your NatureWasher™ unit comes equipped with a Spray Nozzle that you simply hook up to the unit. The NatureWasher™ has an extra bypass in it that you hook the Spray Nozzle up to and you can use this special cleaning water on any household project!
 This specially engineered hose is versatile and may be used for different daily activities, such as washing your dog, cleaning the floor or your carpet, washing chemicals from fruits and vegetables and eliminating odors and oils.
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Edenpure Ecowasher hooks up easily to your existing washing machine hoses for immediate use
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