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Copper Helix Infrared Bulb creates frenzy with large savings on heating bills
Why turn on your thermostat when you can save money with an EdenPURE® Classic Heater?
Break-through heating technology gives you MORE heat with less electricity
"We are having a hard time keeping EdenPURE® heaters in stock because of the incredible demand for our money saving heaters"
- EdenPURE Purchasing Representative
The last few winters have been extremely mild so weather experts are predicting massive snow fall, lower than average temperatures and of course higher heating bills this winter. So across the country people are preparing for a cold, brutal winter. In fact, EdenPURE® has been selling out of every shipment of heaters its already received this season. 

An EdenPURE® break-through in heating technology increases heating efficiency and produces a more even heat which is guaranteed to save you more money on your home heating bills than ever before!
Copper Helix Infrared Bulb increases heating efficiency and produces a more even heat
Saves you more money than other heaters
EdenPURE® engineers have created the Copper Helix Infrared Bulb. Acting like a battery, the layered copper helix captures heat emitting from the Far-Infrared bulb, and then starts to emit heat into your room as well! So you have the Infrared Bulb AND Copper Helix putting heat into the room!

This increase in heating efficiency gives you MORE heat with less electricity, saving you money in the long run compared to other heaters.

The Copper Helix Infrared Bulb also eliminates hot spots in your home caused by inferior, cheap imitation heaters. No more cold spots in a room, just wall to wall, ceiling to floor warmth.  

This industry changing, Copper Helix Infrared Bulb is in the advanced EdenPURE® Classic model new for 2019.
Copper Helix Infrared Bulbs have a 10,000 hour lifespan!
The Copper Helix Infrared Bulbs act like a battery with the layered copper helix capturing heat emitting from the Far-Infrared bulb while it then starts to emit heat into your room as well! This increase in heating efficiency gives you MORE heat with less electricity, saving you more money compared to other heaters.
Our Customers ABSOLUTELY Love their EdenPURE® Classic Heater
Cannot Start a Fire
Safe Around Children & Pets
The new 2019 model has ALL the safety features that have become standard on EdenPURE® heaters. The EdenPURE® Classic Heater has safety tip over switches so if a pet or child knocks over the heater, it will immediately turn off so it can’t start a fire. 

Another safety feature to protect you and your family is the overheat protection. Say something blocks the heat flow, the heater will turn off preventing a fire. 

And these Copper Helix Infrared Bulbs are guaranteed to last you many winters as they have a long lifespan of over 10,000 hours!

And since this model contains the revolutionary Copper Helix Infrared Bulbs which guarantees you an additional savings on your heating bills, it is predicted to sell out at an even faster rate!
Remember, the EdenPURE® Classic has increased heating efficiency due to the unique Copper Helix Infrared Bulbs so you save even more money on your heating bills.

You can turn the temperature down in the rest of your house and be toasty warm in the room you are in. This further slashes your heating bills by a very large amount.

And like every EdenPURE®, these heaters are completely safe around pets and children because there are NO exposed heating elements that can be touched or cause a fire. 
Heats Evenly Wall to Wall, Ceiling to Floor
100% Portable, Take it to any room in your home to stay toasty warm
The EdenPURE® Classic Heater can be taken to any room of your home to create a heavenly warmth wherever you are. It has 4 wheels on the bottom of the unit so it can easily be taken with you to any room you would like to be toasty warm.

You are no longer bound to stay in one room to keep warm. Now, you can turn the thermostat down in your home and be anywhere you'd like and still stay warm!
Try the EdenPURE® Classic Heater 
Risk FREE for 30 Days
The EdenPURE® Classic Heater carries a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied, you can return it for a full refund. It’s like trying it free for 30 days. There is also a 1-year warranty. Remote control is included.
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