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EdenPURE SuperBuddy
NEVER BE COLD AGAIN with the compact, portable, powerful EdenPURE® SuperBuddy
EdenPURE SuperBuddy can save you 33% to 66% or more on your heating bills compared to box heaters
Totally safe around children & pets
  • Weighs only 2 pounds
  •  Measures only 4 1/2" sq. by 8" high
  •  Cannot start a fire. It is totally safe around children and pets
  •  High quality PTC heating element for safe, quick heat
  •  Cooling mode for use in the hot summer months
  •  Compact design and easy to carry handles make the EdenPURE SuperBuddy very portable
How the compact and go-anywhere EdenPURE® SuperBuddy works
950 Watts of PURE POWER to warm any personal space
The EdenPURE® SuperBuddy is our most compact and powerful personal heater we've ever created. It has a quick-heating PTC to help keep your small room warm. Or use it in fan mode for a handy, potent fan to cool down your room. 
Heating Mode
The EdenPURE® SuperBuddy uses its quick-heating PTC element to give you 950 Watts of heating power.  It heats up to 150 sq. ft. to keep you toasty warm everywhere you go:
-- Working at your office desk
-- Sleeping at night
-- Getting work done in your basement or garage
-- Sitting in your living room, watching TV
Fan Mode
The EdenPURE® SuperBuddy not only heats effectively, it also has a fan mode so you can quickly cool down if you need to.  It's great for:
-- When doing work around the house
-- When you need a fan blowing on you to sleep
-- Cooling you off during the summer months heat
-- Combatting hot office temperatures 

EdenPURE® powerHEAT is compact and powerful
A safe, compact and effective heater you can use in any room of your home for UNDER $100
     We now have the quality, SAFE and compact heater that you’ve always wanted. AND IT CAN BE YOURS FOR UNDER $100!  We are so excited about this much-in-demand heater because it is so loaded with benefits. With its high quality PTC heating element and 950 watts, the EdenPURE® SuperBuddy heats up quickly and keeps any room in your home warm, helping you avoid turning up the heat to get and keep warm. 
    The EdenPURE® SuperBuddy is ETL listed. It also includes overheat protection and the all-important tip-over switch that automatically shuts off the unit should it fall over. 
     The EdenPURE® SuperBuddy will also save you money by letting you turn up your heat or turn down your air settings as you stay warm and toasty or breezy cool with the powerful and compact SuperBuddy.  It is loaded with benefits!  Here are just a few of them:
  •  Powerful - This amazing little unit can really pour on the heat. 
  •  Safe - One of the most important features of the EdenPURE® SuperBuddy is that it is safe around children & pets. 
  •  Compact -  It is only 4 1/2" sq. by 8" H and it weighs only 2 pounds, so you can sit it on a counter or the floor in the most crowded room and you will still appreciate the heating and cooling benefits. 
  •  Portable -  You can use this powerful little heater/fan anywhere! Users tell us they put it on the bedroom nightstand, in the sewing room or den, and it is especially useful at work to heat or cool an office or cubicle. 
  •  Versatile - The EdenPURE® SuperBuddy is not just a heater; turn it to the fan mode and you have a handy, potent fan to cool down your room, too. You’ll be amazed how much air is released and how quickly the SuperBuddy can help cool down any small room.
  •  Easy to use - The EdenPURE® SuperBuddy couldn’t be easier to use. There is an L.E.D. light to indicate that the power is on. Then you choose from fan mode (no heat), or low or high heat.
  •  Thermostat - This sturdy, compact heater even has a thermostat setting, too. When you select the temperature you desire, the thermostat will automatically maintain your preferred temperature by cycling the heat ON and OFF, saving energy and money, yet still keeping you warm.
  •  Efficient - The EdenPURE® SuperBuddy swivels automatically on its base to cover a wide area of space.
  •  Economical - Not only will the EdenPURE® SuperBuddy Heater and Fan save you money on heating/cooling bills, you can start saving right away. 
No matter where you are, you can stay comfortably warm 
Whether you're relaxing in front of your TV, in your craft room, garage, dorm room or bedroom, the EdenPURE® SuperBuddy has you covered.  All you need is an electrical outlet and you have 950 Watts of PURE EdenPURE® POWER to warm you and your space.  
EdenPURE® powerHEAT great for living rooms
EdenPURE® powerHEAT is perfect for bedrooms
EdenPURE® powerHEAT warms your bathroom
Does your office space have a climate identity crisis?
We've all been in that building that has inconsistently heated and cooled offices. And it can make for very uncomfortable working conditions. The EdenPURE® SuperBuddy is the easy way to stay warm at your desk. But what if you're too warm?  Don't worry. The SuperBuddy also has a fan setting!
EdenPURE® powerHEAT works great for offices
30-Day Guarantee
This carries a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not 
totally satisfied, your purchase price will be refunded.
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Whether you travel a lot for work or site seeing the EdenPURE SuperBuddy is perfect for you. Maybe you can't fall asleep without a fan blowing in your face. Maybe your partner can't. Or maybe you want to be toasty warm. Whatever the case may be the EdenPURE SuperBuddy is a must have for travelers. 
If you are a family that loves to hit the road in your RV then the EdenPURE SuperBuddy is essential for you. Whether you can't get the inside of your RV hot or cold enough the EdenPURE SuperBuddy is here to fix that. It will make your trip so much more comfortable accommodating to any temperature needs!
30-Day Guarantee
This carries a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not totally satisfied, your purchase price will be refunded.
Secure Order Form - 100% Protected & Safe
EdenPURE accepts Visa, MC, AmEX and Discover
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